To test and call W2 SOAP based services we use a free tool called SOAP UI, we have more information on how to download and install this application from our Developer Documentation page. Please note you will only need the free version to run these tests.

If you are making Sandbox test cases on our production environment please use

If you are testing on UAT please use

For this test we are going to use our Standard International Sanctions (SISPlus) service and the Name query "Robert Gabriel Mugabe".

We've removed the API Key from the above call, your account manager will provide this key during the account setup stage. If you need this please contact 

its important to note that when making sandbox cases you include the Sandbox True values. This will default to false if not included and you may be charged for making a live call. 


Once the API Call has been sent you should receive the following Service result response: 

and the following Transaction Information: 

When making API calls to any of the available services you will be required to include mandatory Query Data fields, to see these please select appropriate service by expanding Services list available here. These will be classed as Property Names.