Risk Bands

Risk Band Description

When a call is made to Emailage the data intelligence is summarized into an easy-to-digest risk score. The scores range from 1-999: 1 being the lowest risk, and 999 being the highest. In order to differentiate between the varying levels of risk, the score is then grouped into six categories:

Risk Band 6: 900-999 – Very High Risk

Transactions that land in this category are either confirmed fraud from our network, or associated with a high level of risky signals Emailage recommends these transactions to be manually reviewed or rejected.

Risk Band 5: 800-899 – High Risk

Typically, the queries in Risk Band 5 have been deemed risky due to; velocity patterns, signals from known Risky IP, or the transaction details reflect a history of Suspected Fraud on our network.

Risk Band 4: 601-799 – Correct Customer Record

Customers occasionally mistype, or misspell their email address, rendering them invalid or incorrect. These emails are reported in risk band 4. In most cases, this is a good customer who has simply entered their email incorrectly, so we recommend that you contact the customer to have them correct the information before proceeding.

Risk Band 3: 301-600 – Neutral Risk

When a transaction falls into this category, it simply means that we couldn’t find anything negative associated with that information, however, we were unable to find enough positive signals to push it into Risk Bands 1 or 2.

Risk Band 2: 101-300 – Minimal Risk

These transactions have been around for a year or two, have other positive signals associated with an IP, or another variable that is passed to us. These pose very little risk to you, and we advise that you consider approving them, based on the rest of the circumstances surrounding the transaction or customer.

Risk Band 1: 0-100 – Lowest Risk

Queries that land in this category, typically contain emails that have existed for at least 4 years, and have established a pattern of positive signals across our network. These are the customers we recommend considering putting through the fast track or auto-approving in your system.