Document Verification


Tamper Checks:

Tamper check results are based on how much evidence of tampering is detected during the document verification process.

All tamper checks are pass/fail and have individual weightings that contribute to the overall pass/fail of the document.

A fail in the tamper check does not necessarily indicate an overall fail. However, when a tamper test does have a weighting, it is usually high.

For example, if the service detects digital tampering (photoshop editing with clear file attributes), that would be enough on its own to fail a document in every case that it’s detected.

Whereas a pattern test on a photo area might have a lower weighting as it may be more dependent on overall image quality, depending on document and pattern type which can vary from document type to document type.

However, this is all dependent on the risk appetite of the client. If the customer would like to build in additional logic which changes the overall result to a fail if the tamper check fails, they are free to do so.