The Watchlist 006 service can return potential matches that have the following types of source:

Adverse media profiles contain information from an extensive proprietary database of entities that are linked to illicit activities from numerous news sources worldwide. This adverse media information has been constructed by researchers based on media stories by reputable media sources in dozens of languages around the world.

Associated entity profiles contain information about entities that are linked to at least one sanctioned entity.

Enforcements profiles contain aggregated information from information that is collected from numerous enforcement lists and court filings worldwide.

PEP (politically exposed person) profiles contain information from an extensive database of PEPs and their family members. The PEP database adheres to FATF (Financial Action Task Force) global standards.

Sanctions profiles contain information from the most important sanctions lists worldwide. There is clear delineation between the data that is provided in official sanctions sources and our supplier enhancements.

SOE (state-owned enterprise) profiles contain information about government-owned or government-linked companies and organizations and their officials.