Transunion data powers global web-based identity verification using independent data sources to establish a degree of confidence in the names, addresses, and date of births of individuals from numerous countries using premium identity databases, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Within the UK, the W2 service will classify the data as follows:


Data Source


Electoral Roll

The service will consume both the latest versions of the edited and full Electoral Rolls (depending on your access levels) in order to confirm if the name and address of the subject match.  In certain instances, this will also contain the Date of Birth, however this is in very rare circumstances (normally 17 year old's who's 18th birthday is due within the next 12 months)

Country Court Judgements

Data from the Registry Trust. This will normally contain data linking the Subject's Name, Date of Birth and Address

Credit Account Data (CAD)

The CAD is the contributary database supplied from credit lenders, Banks, Utility providers, Mobile Providers and Home shopping companies who have completed a credit check on individuals.  This data will contain Name, Address and Date of birth information.  Access to this data will leave a 'soft print' on the credit file, which does not affect their credit rating.


The service will access telephony data which is able to link the subject with the claimed address.

Mortality Data

The service will access Mortality data in order to establish if the subject is alive, but also link possible addresses and dates of birth to the individual.


The data that the Transunion service has access to is quantified below:


  • 500m +SHARE records, including mortgages, credit cards, loans, mobile phones and utilities. 
  • Leading coverage and contribution of Sub-Prime sector
  • 600+ SHARE contributions including every high street lender 
  • Full Electoral Register countrywide
  • TU provides insight on over 58 million adults
  • Average of 8 financial records per adult
  • Data held on circa 52 million account openings in 2021
  • 28 million households maintained
  • Home movers for every adult over the last 10 years 
  • Over 450 million searches conducted in 2020
  • 2 million customer onboarding checks performed per day
  • Primary bureau in 90% of alternative finance companies