The uploaded file should contain the data on all records to be included in your first BSMART screening.

To be successful, the uploaded file must be in comma separated variable (csv) format:

  • The file must be in plain text
  • The first row must be a header row.  This row defines which fields are present.
  • There must be one record per line 
  • Each field must be separated by a comma
  • Each record must have the same fields in the same order (even if some fields are blank)
  • The file name must end with '.csv'

Mandatory fields

The following fields are mandatory:

  • 'Account' (Which of your BSMART accounts the record will be put into.  Entering a new name here will create a new account, so it is important to avoid spelling errors in this field.)
  • 'URN' (This is the unique reference number to identify the record, and must be unique across all accounts.  Using the same URN in a subsequent upload will update the record.)
  • 'Last Name/Entity Name' (The person's last name or name of the entity.)

Recommended Fields

The following fields are strongly recommended in order to get the best results from your screenings:

  • 'Forename'
  • 'IsEntity' (default is false.)
  • 'Day of Birth'
  • 'Month of Birth'
  • 'Year of Birth'

Optional Fields

  • 'Middle name/initial'
  • 'Address Line 1'
  • 'Address Line 2'
  • 'Address Line 3'
  • 'Address Line 4'
  • 'Postcode'
  • 'Country'
  • Inactive – if set to “true” or “1” this record will be set to inactive in the W2 database. If the field does not exist in the file the record is assumed to be active by default.

Custom Fields

You may add other fields to your file.  These will be added to the record and can be used as a reference, however they will not alter the results of the screening in any way. 


Account,URN,First Name,Middle Name/Initial,Last Name/Entity Name,Is Entity,Day of Birth,Month of Birth,Year of Birth,Address line 1,Address line 2,Address line 3,Address line 4,Postcode,Country,Custom 1, Inactive

Default,00001,Bob,,Davies,FALSE,1,1,1970,1 Whale Lane,Ocean View,,,AB12 3CD,GBR,Standard Customer, FALSE

Default,00002,Inactive,,User,FALSE,2,2,1970,2 Whale Lane,Ocean View,,,AB12 3CD,GBR,VIP Customer, TRUE

Note: the last record will be set to Inactive and will not be screened.

Please download example file: