The Quick Search Profiles area is only available to Quick Search Administrators, if you believe you should have access to the area of the portal please raise a support ticket.

The Profiles area is located under the Quick Search tab at the top of the portal:


You're then able to Create New Profile or Edit Profile on an existing profile:

Create New Profile

When creating a new profile, you can enter a name for your new profile at the top of the page (this can be edited later). You'll then need to select which users have access* to use this profile using the first set of tick boxes, and which services should be included in the profile with the second set of tick boxes.

* Note: any users with the Administrator level of access will always be able to see every profile, even if it's not assigned to them.

Once you've selected your users and services, please click Create Profile to complete the setup:

When you next attempt a Quick Search, you'll now see this new option listed in your selectable profiles.

Edit Profile

When editing an existing profile, the profile will already have a name, list of users with access and set of services. All of these elements can be changed, however one user must always be selected, and one service must always be selected. When you have finished editing the profile, simply Save Profile, and your changes will be confirmed.

You can assign bundles to new users this way, or remove access from users who no longer need access to these profiles.