When you've logged into the W2 Portal you will be presented with 4 options, Please select View Dashboard.

The Dashboard allows you to filter out unwanted searches such as by date ranges, services or in this case by product. Expand the Product chevron to see 2 options KYCchecker and SAVI. Uncheck the KYCchecker and the Statistics and Results tabs will reload with just the SAVI calls made in the last 30 days.

You may need to look for searches completed over 30 old, if this is the case then you can expand the Date Range, click the From Date text box and choose new date or simply type new date in the field. 

You can also use the Call Details filter where you can search for Name, Call Reference or Client Reference if you've included one on your initial search. 

Now that you have set you filters and the results page has reloaded you can click on the results tab to the right of the Filter and select the search you need to review.