* Your Portal account requires SAVI access rights and you need to be assigned to SAVI Profiles to be able to make SAVI searches. Please contact your SAVI Admin to be assigned to SAVI Profiles.

Open and log into the W2 Portal page and then move mouse pointer over SAVI Search and click on New Search

Select the required SAVI Profile from the New Search drop-down menu. Once the profile has been selected the page will automatically load the New Search page where you enter the search criteria.

The example below is a basic Watchlist search using the Name Query field and setting the Name Threshold to 80 - Same name in any order

When the search is complete you will be redirected to the Results page showing you that on this Sandbox test case we found 2 matches.

The results page allows you view the search parameter for you check the data that was submitted. To expand this field click the > chevron below the name.

To view the matched data again you have the > chevrons to expand the results, which will give you details on the Name, Date of Birth, Name Match Score, Date of Birth Match Score and Profile Data.