The W2 Sandbox mode allows API calls or SAVI calls to be tested without any live services being hit, thus they are not chargeable. This is especially important if the live service can leave a footprint on a queried person's profile. Sandbox mode also allows developers to integrate and test with W2's services without incurring any of the charges that occur when you call a live service.

Sandbox mode is activated by adding a query option to the call with the key Sandbox and the value set to true (see the documentation for making a Service Request). Calls made with this query option will receive a predetermined response that mimics a real call to the service.

API Example

When making a call to the API, you can use the Sandbox query option as outlined below:


Note: The Value field above must be set to "true" or "True" - any other value will not be recognised and the call will be made as a live call, not a sandbox one.

SAVI Example

Note: To use sandbox mode in a SAVI search, please check Use Sandbox box as shown above.


Sandbox Data

You can find sandbox test cases on each of the service pages, here.