We have the two separate environments at W2 below:

The UAT environment

This is where you will begin your W2 journey ... primarily, a testing environment. In other words, the platform on which to conduct your User Acceptance Testing (UAT). 

If requested, we can provide you with the necessary credentials for testing as you get to know how the products work. 

In this environment, you will not be able to run live calls, but can use the test data provided in the shared developer documentation. 

As well as using this environment for initially testing your contracted services, it can be beneficial when testing any new workflows or adding additional services into existing bundles.

The Live/Production Environment

This is where you can make live chargeable calls to your services. 

Once you are happy with your testing in the UAT environment, you will be calling upon our wide range of third-party providers and therefore, the data returned will be 'LIVE' up to date, response data.

For further information contact our Support Team