A bundle a collection of one or more services that you are able to use via the W2 API endpoint.

Each service call to the W2 endpoint can only use one Bundle Name, and a Bundle Name is a mandatory field when completing the call.

A bundle could contain a single service, for example a bundle named KYC_SISĀ might contain just a service for completing Standard International Sanctions checks.

It could also be more complicated, containing multiple services that are then performed sequentially, providing results from each service, and an overall result for the bundle. This overall result can be configured with the customer support team depending on how you want the bundle to report. We can also add Halt Conditions, so if a particular service doesn't give you a positive result, you are able to halt the bundle and prevent further checks if you do not wish to complete them.

For further information on how to construct a valid API request, please see our developer documentation